Serigaki Serenade

Best fun yesterday as we inaugurate our latest research facility. Let me introduce to you the  – OIST Marine Science Station.  So; big event, VIPs, speeches, television, cats doing funny stuff. However the defining memory was a performance of Tanchame by the Serigaki Sanchin Serenade. This mesmerizing ensemble is made up from staff at the university who are sanchin sensei and dance doyennes.  The dance is emblematic of the relationship between Okinawa and the sea.  Watch:

The Serigaki Sanshin Serenade crew were much better.


Go Ami, Computer support, the most important function at a university. Go Naoko, who runs the Mathematical Soft Matter Unit


I loved it.


Congratulations to the Serigaki Sanshin Serenade!

Thanks to everyone who made it so much fun.


We will study this sort of stuff.

Here is the official version.

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2 Responses to Serigaki Serenade

  1. calderi says:

    Could OIST set up a laboratory in Kintyre – near Tayinloan for instance?

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