Rebecca has been with us for the last 6 months and has been the best fun. Now she leaves. We are so unhappy that we have a party.


This Rebecca

My neighbor comes in unusual garb. He is frankly er eccentric.


Have fun everyone.


Michele, Matsuda sensei, Rebecca, Tomomi


Arisa,Rebecca, Matsuda sensei, Tomomi


It is incredibly hot


Bye bye Becca

Frankly, it is too hot to have a party but we work at it.

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6 Responses to Rebexit

  1. Alexander McGillivray says:

    The cult of Roaring Pyramids reaches out to distant places…and the world is better for it

  2. Sandy, I am forever in your debt for introducing the Roaring Pyramid to me. South East Asia loves it.

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  4. Andy Deighton says:

    And I regularly make people do roaring pyramids in Brighton! Lxx

  5. Andy Deighton says:

    (That was Lauren by the way, not Andy – but I’ve made Andy do roaring pyramids too, in fact it was part of his initiation process into the family..)

  6. Can’t wait to do one with you and Andy!

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