The Day After

I rise with the dawn and wander into my devastated home. I hate cleaning up late at night, at the end of the party.   It turns wildness into domesticity, enjoyment into puritanism, release into control. So at 6:30 the next day, which is today, I wander around with various trash bags picking up the aftermath. I like this. It brings back cameos of the previous evening as I come across various clusters of glasses, cans and bottles. It is party archaeology. By 7:30 it is all clean. Luckily today is the day of glass bottle, can and plastic bottle pick up. Did I organize this?

It is the most beautiful day ever and I take diving stuff into the Scaffie to explore the seas around Cape Zampa.


Like a little boy, I dress up in diving stuff way before I need to use it.

There is a gentle onshore wind that drives us elegantly across Nagahama bay.


It is very hot


We near the holy ground.

Nobody goes here to dive. It is remote and you need a boat to get there, which is probably the reason.  Anyway, under the water there are dozens of chasms each covered in an amazing variety of coral. It is relatively shallow. I think I rarely went under 40 feet. This means there is lots of light and visibility. It is incredible. The video that you will find does no justice to the real colors of the coral and the fish. I dive, I look, I gasp. I take the opportunity to clean the Scaffie’s bottom.  I sail back across the bay towards my home. I head out to sea and then, profiting from the onshore breeze, take the gentlest of runs onto the mooring. No words.



Sunset 15 minutes ago.

There is a shoulder of lamb on the Cobb. Not very Okinawan I know but God bless you Okinawa and all who sail in her.

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