Rumi san, the lady who gave me the plumeria cuttings, came to the party. To my amazement she humbly mentions that every year she releases thousands of baby turtles onto the beach  next to her idyllic guest house.  Would I like to take part?


My first pink plumeria flower came out today

She explains that the real danger for turtle eggs are typhoons. The sea comes right up the beach, floods the nests in the sand and the eggs rot. To avoid this she locates the nests, digs up the eggs and reburies them in cosy sand boxes on her deck.


Turtle hatchery

I go over tonight as the first babies have hatched. There are five and after sundown we release them.


Ready to go


It is a beautiful evening

It is too dark for photography and flash would not be appropriate. The little darlings go like hell straight to the sea and off they swim. One in a thousand grows to adulthood – boo hoo.


I know where I am going


Good luck



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7 Responses to Scramble

  1. zedmac says:

    BRILLIANT! So glad you and the lady are doing your bit/s for the future of turtles. xxx

  2. zedmac says:

    Gladly. But I’m about to exhibit my creatures in Verbier, chez Brass. I’ll send you an invitation. Come.

  3. Will there be a slippery room?

  4. calderi says:

    Wonderful. Ann and I once watched a baby turtle head down a beach. We positioned ourselves between turtle and a large heron, who was on patrol that evening. We were delighted when the turtle got to the water, but shortly there was a large swirl in the water, and we concluded that his career had been a short one. They need all the help they can get.

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