My Tree

My life has been characterized by a series of lucky breaks. One is the tree that grows smack in front of my house.

I remember my early childhood as hours and hours staring at willow pattern plates in cold rooms as the rain slashed against the window panes.


We used to have lots of this stuff. Where is it now?

Now between my house and the sea, is a very beautiful tree.She reminds me of my childhood. She reminds me of Willow Pattern.  She is elegantly formed and gives each gaze seaward a benchmark of quality. “Look at me!” she insists,  “Before you look at that vulgar blue sea stuff.”


What she looked like 3 years ago.

Just prior to moving into this house, Okinawa had been battered by 3 big-boy typhoons. My tree looked fragile and I did not know if she would make it.  I have nursed her assiduously by cutting back invasive vegetation and pruning any dead wood.


Notice how much the vegetation has grown up

I lash my saw to a bamboo pole and clear away the tree stuff that is blocking the purity of my view.


She is so happy and healthy but caveat typhoonum

My tree is doing very well. I am so happy.


Red fish


More plumeria


Oriental Turtle Dove


Tim with number one boy Hugo


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