The words in the title have many meanings: cricket I think is bail, water from boat is also bail, I think, misery woe sorrow, is definitely bale, as is a compactness of stuff like cotton or hay. Then there is the whole leaving category as in: “Sorry chaps, left wing has gone, time to bail out.” or more recently, “Dudes, I am like totally gone, time to bail.”

So it has really rained a lot.


Greenshanks dreaming of Spain


How many years of evolution before Cattle Egrets invent the umbrella?

The rain fills the Scaffie with water. She becomes very heavy and I fear that she will drag her anchor or maybe rip the anchor cleat out of the thwart, if you see what I mean. I rush home from work to bail. This could mean: jump from aeroplane, leave a party in San Francisco or empty a boat of water. You decide.


Very low in the water


The rainwater comes nearly up to seat level.


I bail with my little red bucket, which I hold very dear.

Having bailed I wade home to eat. I fear or exult that OIST has changed stuff around here. When I came here, big lumps of meat were not. You had to wangle your way onto an Ameircan base to buy steak. This was always kinda demeaning.

Now, in the supermarket down the road, I can buy amazing steak.



Is this a good thing? 


Am I destroying Okinawan tradition?  I bail.










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