The Oldest Thing I Own

Well, not the oldest thing I own because I have inherited some very old stuff, nor the oldest thing I have bought because I have purchased some 19th century maps. What I am trying to say is that the thing I am about to talk about is the oldest thing I bought new in my lifetime that I have still got. Er I thought this was my yellow diving bag that recently went to it.

However, as I was stirring my gruel last night, I realized that the wooden spoon I was using was a couscous spoon that I had purchased in Oran in 1975, which certainly predates the bag. These spoons are made out of palm trees. That does not sound quite right. I mean , you can make a lot of spoons from one palm tree.


Palm Tree

I used to have an orange plastic comb that I used at school. It would pop up every 10 years or so but I have not seen it recently. Maybe it is in San Francisco.


Hooray, Kanako has come to stay.

I would be interested to know if any gentle readers have old stuff. I know my brothers have beautiful  handwoven Calder tartan rugs that I think were bought in the 60s.



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