Simple Pleasures

Ryuishiro, Kanako, Juna and Carlos come to stay. We have the best fun.


Ryuishiro loves the boat.



Kanako at the helm


She steers unassisted all across Nagahama bay.




Isn’t it great when kids love sailing.


Matsuda sensei is the best, er in so many ways.


The buckets contain baby turtles.

GOPR8119 (1).jpg

Kanako loves sea slugs


Raising sail for another day of adventure.


Carlos at the helm


You can have so much fun with a rubber ring


Carlos, whose real name is Yasunori, is a good man


Simple things

Anyway, we had a wonderful time. Children make everything more fun. Thanks Carlos and Juna.

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5 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. starbird2005 says:

    Your boat reminds me of “Swallow” from “Swallows and Amazons” with that red sail. Particularly if kids were using it 🙂

  2. Juna says:

    Thank you Neil, for introducing us to your amazing boat, and letting us experience your great adventures!!

  3. Lew Davidson says:

    Neil, The photos in this post are delightful. The smiles on all the faces reflect the joy of simple sailing with friends and family. I look forward to having my 3 year old grandson join me in my Scaffie for some similar fun. Your comment: “Children make everything more fun is certainly true.”

  4. Lew Davidson says:

    Oops, insert final quotation mark after “fun.”

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