Very Severe

I have been ill for a remarkably long time. I have been in bed for 20 of the last 6 24 hours and frankly do not feel that much better. I go to work today but it does not work very well. I check in at the OIST clinic and the charming nurse, whose name is Islay, takes some of my blood and runs it through the strong ju ju machine.  Hara sensei turns to me with wild eyes and says, “The signs are worse than last week! You must go to the lair of the ENT  mundungu in Chatan. Take care Neil san .”

The great shaman of Chatan has much power. He shows me a picture of the inside of my head!

“Much pus! Very severe!” Apparently this all has to do with my sinuses. I thought I had the usual Gadfly ear.

I am lead to a side room where a handmaiden inserts a caterpillar that breathes steam into my nostrils. Strong ju ju.


With my left hand I cast knuckle bones.

I am fed up with this.

DSC_1237 (1).jpg



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