The Jameson Raid

So I think I have mentioned that I backed into a tree with the driver side door open. This twisted the door hinges so that it would not shut.  For months I bumble along using a sail tie to stop the door from swinging open. However Shaken time rolls in. Shaken is the very strict roadworthiness test here in beautiful Japan. There is no way that the Truckette will pass with a swinging door. She also makes tragic squealing and grinding noises.


Truckette with broken wing

I cannot envisage life without the Truckette so desperately walk around town, like Gary Cooper in High Noon, looking for help. Everyone has an excuse as to why they cannot locate and attach a door to a 15 year old Daihatsu HiJet.

Then Naoko introduces me to Jameson.


Jameson’s backyard.

He is my hero. He has a trillion cars in various states of decay. “You want a door?” He climbs over ranks of lonely cars that have been abandoned too soon by their heartless owners and returns with the object of desire.


Yay Jameson!

Anyway he fixes the truck, does the shaken, tunes her up, paints the bed and footwells with super resistant paint as what he got from a printing company. I did not quite understand the significance of the printing company but Jameson clearly thought it was very important.


HiJet to Hell. Check out new door and printer’s ink bed.

So the mighty HiJet is totally frisky and ready for adventure. Thanks Jameson.

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