Flemish Baroque

I rush home from work in a panic. Will I get there in time?  Tonight the meat man cometh. 10 minutes after I get back, the bell rings and there is the smiling face of the meat man clasping a box that contains a whole lamb. Er, a dead one.

When in need of a bit of purchase therapy, there is no better place than:  http://baticrom.com/index.php?route=common/home   It is such a great site! It takes no time to order a whole lamb and a kilo of mutton curry. I specify when I want it delivered and settle back into my chair with a gentle moan knowing that, this being Japan,  the meat man will show. The only risk is not his late or non arrival, but mine.


I love packages in the post


Pieter Aersten

Pieter Aersten painted pictures in Northern Europe in like 1550. I have always admired his butchery paintings.


Er, sorry vegetarian readers

Winter is approaching but I have lots of meat.  I fear nothing. Today I turned off the AC.


Aersten in Okinawa

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2 Responses to Flemish Baroque

  1. James says:

    Haha so good!

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