A Cover Up

Yesterday was the best day ever but today was even better. November in Okinawa is blissful.


7:00 am Sunday 13 November 2016

I remember that I still have the cover for the late and much lamented Dileas. As I survey my early morning flowers, I wonder if it might fit the Scaffie.


My plumeria has done really well.


The middle bit

Anyway I haul it out and stretch it over the Scaffie. It fits, more or less


24 C. Excellent North East breeze, calm indigo sea. no rudder.

I rig a long pole supported by plant pots judicially placed inside the Scaffie. This creates a tent effect, hopefully forcing rainwater to run off rather than pooling depressingly in the the concave cover.



I stretch the cover as well as I can, trimming the rope with an I:XL knife I bought in Tarbert decades ago.


All that glistens is not gold.

During the manoeuvres, I called upon an aged neighbor to lend a hand. He is older than me by at least a decade but has the Okinawan sparkle in his eye. He takes me to his house to show me his crab trap. The concept is the same a  lobster pot. The hapless crab is lured into the trap by delicious bait, in this case chicken, but cannot get out again. Greed. I go on about creels in Scotland and he looks delighted. Try miming a lobster pot. He helps me with my boat and I help him position the trap in the low water just in front of my house.


I am sure that it will be full of crabs tomorrow. Tomorrow I work so will not see. Time I stopped working.


Covered Scaffie

I think this will work unless high winds get under the cover, by way of the openings at the stern, and rip it up.


What does this look like?


Pacific Golden Plovers just in front of the house.

Bad week but amazing day.

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2 Responses to A Cover Up

  1. calderi says:

    I believe that the “Bowie” knife found on his body after the Alamo had “IXL” stamped on the blade.

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