Why I am so Fat

Not a good week er last week. Actually, like the curate’s egg, parts of it were excellent. Visit by His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, an 800 person conference and a big moon.


Sponge Cake

All this made irrelevant by a very distressing accident.


The weekend turns out to be wet and windy.


Rain on Monday, Sunshine next Sunday

What can a poor boy except to stay home, play the flute and eat?


To market, to market to buy a fresh squid, Home again, home again, you owe me 6 quid.

I go to the Squid Emporium and buy a very fine squid that has been freshly pulled from the Forth.


Squid with ink-black rice.

I also have a rack of lamb.


Totally not Okinawan


I cut some of it into chunks


I have never eaten so well.

Why am I so fat?

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