So Tricolor are a very accomplished and creative bunch. It has been my privilege to spend time with them. They play Irish music that is so Japanese. Check out this video. Incidentally they do all the filming and direction.

Anyway they are in Okinawa. I play with them on Saturday night. This actually puts severe strain on my abilities. Musically clearly, as these people are seriously skilled musicians who understand stuff like harmony, playing in tune, different keys and stuff. I do not.  The real strain comes from driving down to Naha in a continual traffic jam and then trying to find somewhere to park.


Peace and love

We play in a bar and it is incredible. Very good Irish traditional music for hours in Naha, Okinawa. How does that happen?

I drive home, having drunk water all night. I go to bed at 2:00 am. This is very unhealthy.

The next day, or today if you wish, is Open Campus at OIST. 5,000 people show up. Tricolor play in a corner.


Peace and love


Ani san wants me to shut up. Nakatoh san and Tomoko san are typically indulgent.

Anyway great fun and it is restorative to be with such creative people who are totally devoid of vanity. Not many scientists are like that.

Anyway buy all Tricolors albums.

Just for my own archive, my sporran went to it recently. I bought her in 1980 in Glasgow in the full flush of my youth. Okinawa did not agree with her and the sealskin, of which she is made, shed. Trying to strap her onto my huge bulk recently was too much for her and one of the straps broke. RIP faithful sporran.


Not on these green hills of Tyrol

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