The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck

It continues to be drainingly hot and I do very little. Here are some random vignettes.

There is a lot of fruit around. The Japanese revere fruit. Its appearance seems as, if not more, important than the taste- er I think. Arisa san gives me a perfect bunch of Shine Muscat grapes from Imari, her hometown.

They are beautifully wrapped. Thank you Arisa
Beautiful. It seems a pity to eat them.

Talking of eating, I eat almost exclusively cold meals. Too hot for Jugged Hare.

Evening meal.

Old friend Tomoko Saito and her husband, play Irish music in Yomitan. It is a bizarre event in many ways. They play outside so it is extremely hot and wear coats of many colors – not very Irish!

Beautiful daughter explains something to Tomoko.

Their little girl frequently wanders up to her mother to show her something on a phone. No one is concerned. No one tries to pull her away and Tomoko just smiles and keeps playing. Admirable.

They are very good

I got to know Tomoko way back in 2016. . It is great to see her again. She is a wonderful musician.

I visit Tomari fish market.

Huge lobster. Hard to get the scale but normal lobster are swimming around below it.


Of course I go to the dentist a lot. It is a cheap hobby.

Always fun!
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