Ou Sont les Neiges D’Antan?

So, a much vaunted typhoon pays a call. It blustered and rained a lot but not a real typhoon. Typhoons ain’t what they used to be.

All strung up in anticipation.

However we were told to stay inside, which resulted in 3 days of non activity. The Finnish language has a verb that means to stay at home alone drinking in your underpants.

Anyway, after a while I head off looking for birds. They come onshore to shelter from the wind.

Pacific Golden Plover
Another with residual summer black chest plumage
Kentish Plover looking for the Old Kent Road

I have the ceramic crown cemented onto my inserts. The process has taken over a year because I have not been in Okinawa enough. Anyway, my thanks to Kinjo sensei and nurse Erica for their great work and bubbling humor.

Still life

We have a Japanese white wine tasting evening – great fun. First time I have drunk Japanese wine.

This one has 30% less sugar!
We cleanse the palate between wines with baguette, saucisson, chorizo, jambon cru and camembert.Very Japanese.

Ginowan city sends me a booklet of Hello Kitty vouchers worth 5000 yen. You can exchange the vouchers for anything you want in shops in Ginowan.

Thank you Ginowan City!

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