Off the Rails

Title plagiarized from Tim Hunt.

Most good times start with a big octopus

A bunch of us head North on the kind invitation of Ichiro san and Tomomi san. I drive up very slowly and delight in the van loads of election canvassers who wave at everyone wearing both white gloves and huge smiles. Saturday was polling day for representatives of the local regions and also the Governor.

Amazing photos.

Tomomi and Ichiro produce another extraordinary meal in Ichiro san’s studio.

The company!
Assorted delights
Amazing sashimi under the vegetables.
Octopus and shrimp ceviche

Ichiro san produces the main course, which he has been cooking for 4 days.

You guessed it . Sea snake soup!
Wild surmise!
Tim has been macerating plums in sugar and awamori for over a year. Delicious!
Tomomi’s banana and peanut butter cake with island banana

What an evening!

Next morning we leave at 05:30 to track down the elusive Okinawan Rail or Yanbaru Kuina in Japanese. It is one of the rarest birds in the world. Ichiro san immediately spots one roosting.


More wow!
Scotty makes an amazing video of the rail leaving to start the day’s work
I wish I knew the names of butterflies.
It’s a good life.

We return to the hotel for delicious Japanese breakfast.

Seated: Scotty, Ichiro, Tim, fat man Standing: Tomomi, Mary, Arisa

Such fun!

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