Highly Skilled Professional

Yay! Apparently that is what I am. Japan now has a new category of work visa. I amazingly get one. I drop off my application to the wonderful Kadena immigration office on Tuesday and on Thursday they call to tell me my visa is ready. I love Japan – everything works here.



I have heard it said that this visa  simplifies application for resident status. This is my goal as it would allow me to grow old in Okinawa. Ok, I am already old but I intend to get somewhat older. Why stay in Okinawa in old age? Here are some arguments.


23 December


23 December


23 December


23 December. I think these are Little Stints. If so, they are right, dead, rare.

If I am going to stay here I need some kind of shelter. I drive North to talk to amazing architect Masak.


Something like this.





Sweet dreams are made of this.

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1 Response to Highly Skilled Professional

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Better limit the propaganda or you’ll end up with too many guests for Christmas next year and the year(s) after, or a colony of Caucasian pensioners for the duration. How’s health care out there ?

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