Third Time Lucky


I always get to airports late. I usually get on the plane red faced and panting. Today’s flight leaves at 11:35. As it takes about a hour to get to Naha airport, I would normally leave my house at 10:00 ish. For some unknown reason I ask for the cab to come at 9:00. I think it was because my mental arithmetic is getting worse.

Anyway, my faithful buddy Kinjo San shows up at 9:00. He knows me well and we go through the ritual of passport? Ticket? Money? Everything daijuboo Neil sensei ? I say goodbye to my house, my car, my Scaffie, my truckette and my plumeria.

Off we go. I feel a little miffed asI will get to the airport far too early. Kinjo San puts on his shades as it is a beautiful, sunny morning. This prompts me to realize that I have forgotten my glasses, both light and dark. We are 15 minutes from the house so we turn around and go back to fetch them.

Off we go again. We are at Kitanakagusuku on the expressway when I realize that my Green Card is in my desk drawer. I do desperate calculation of chances of getting into U.S. without Green Card and realize I have no option. Gommenasai Kinjo San, Maeda onegaishimasu!

Kinjo San thinks this is the best fun and teases me cruelly all the way back to the house.


Kinjo san with Green Card


What larks! Thanks Kinjo san.

Off we go for the third time. There is little time but we make it and I get on the plane, red faced and panting.

What made me book the cab an hour early?  Should I read significance into this?


Close run thing

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1 Response to Third Time Lucky

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    You’re clearly automatically factoring in all your anticipated (increasing ?) forgetfulness. Are you considering hiring Kinjo San as your carer ?

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