Lunch with Peter

These have been very good days. I have been at a meeting where people come and talk about science stuff.  I have met many old friends and it is reassuring that some of them still recognize me.

Tomomi and I go and have lunch with the estimable Peter Fisher. Peter is the best lunch companion being erudite, boyish, enthused and very, very funny. We eat in a classic Boston restaurant where the food is excellent, however I am such a Philistine that I cannot get further down the menu than B for Burger.


A good burger is a joy forever.

Tomomi and Peter eat oysters, tartare and such.


Peter is passionate.

He gives us boxes of Dark Matter that he captures with a fly rod.


Invest now

Anyway it was a wonderful time and demonstrates that there is no greater pleasure than good friends folded into good food.


Thanks Peter

I have now hitched up the wagon and am on my way back to Okinawa. Thank you Boston.


Logan 6:30 Sunday 19 Feb 2017

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