Thanks Bob

Some of you will remember the great wreck tragedy of last September. In this debacle, I lost my rudder.

I have been rudderless ever since and this has brought down misery and pain in my professional and private lives. No direction. Wherefore art thou rudder?

Anyway, to sail a boat you need a rudder.  I have to build a new one.

Today I get a wonderful set of packages from Bob, the heroic boss of: . Buy boats here people.

DSC_2322 (1).jpg

I am saved!

DSC_2324 (1).jpg

Yay! Template.


I make hundred of holes through the template to guide my cut.

I have a saw thing which a bought to dismember the late lamented Dileas. I cut.


The battery runs down very quickly.

I love this kind of stuff, cutting a new rudder from a big plank of plywood on a glorious  day in Okinawa.


She is born


I drench her in good stuff.


The bed of the truckette  is the best work surface.

A lot of sanding and gentle adjustment ahead but the Scaffie lives. Thanks Bob!


As I work, a Great White Egret fishes.

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