Rudder #7

Do not feel obliged to read this. It is really an archival document related to the the great rudder project.

I spend all day sanding and applying wood treatment stuff to the Scaffie. This is a very social occupation as people passing by stop for a chat and folks as what I know, poop their horn and shout abuse as they drive by.


I sand like crazy and treat the woodwork with therapeutic treatment stuff. This year I have chosen a darker shade.

The weather is very pleasant and I have a wonderful time.


The bottom pintle is placed


She is mounted


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3 Responses to Rudder #7

  1. Lew Davidson says:

    Neil- Excellent work on the teak trim and the replacement rudder. Both look great! Best wishes for your upcoming sailing adventures. Lew

    • Many thanks Lew. It has been a good project. The weather here is turning Summerish and I hope to get here in the water next weekend. I am also thinking of investing in a new sail. Mine has been been much exposed to UV and I worry that it might tear in high wind. $600 hmmm?

  2. Lew Davidson says:

    $600 is a good guess. Our local sailmaker will make me a new one in tanbark with reeling points, etc. for $500. I’m figuring that everything in Okinawa is more expensive, but it seems like a lovely place to live!

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