I have lots of socks. Socks are cheap in the U.S.  I cannot resist buying them. The anxiety comes when, post washing machine, I have to pair them off. I only buy black socks. I do not know why. I blame my parents.


When did you last see you Father

Anyway, the last lot that I bought have a thin yellow line across the toe.

IMG_2819 (1).jpg

Chrome yellow

This line allows me to identify partner socks. I feel great shame going to work with mismatched socks so this simple line of yellow has done a great deal for my general wellbeing.

So, it is April in Okinawa. So much is happening .


See what I mean

DSC_2652 (1).jpg

This Oriental Turtle Dove is cooing hence distended neck


Iron hard trees suddenly spurt flower


No leaves or buds but straight into crazy flower stage


Can you do this?


Terrible photo of amazing Azalea display


Picture of a cow I painted in California


This a flowering stem of one of my Plumeria. Great joy.


Contentment is wealth

IMG_2815 (1).jpg

New rode


I like your yellow striped socks


Never enough varnish


Stuff from beach.

The sap is rising.

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