If You Take a Walk, I’ll Tax Your Feet

Actually, I do not mind paying tax er that much. I do pay a lot as I have to contribute to the both Japanese and U.S. coffers. However I absolutely hate getting together all the documentation that is needed to file taxes in both countries. Now of course is the season of taxes, calling it Spring is wrong, it should be called Tax, as in Winter, Tax, Summer, Autumn. Anyway, like a visit to the Dentist, it will eventually fade into the past.


Let’s look at a butterfly instead of finding tax documents.

The university thunders on at a great rate.


Peter asks Abe for lots of money.


Let’s look at butterflies instead.

I get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir and notice that someone has cut down the undergrowth that has been getting closer and closer to my front door.


Not good for butterflies.


The Road to the Isles. 




We start the next phase of expansion. 



Does he care?


Brilliant Emerald bug scratches its ear. She is worried about science funding.

Anyway, the Scaffie is ready. Tomorrow I launch.


North Korea bound.

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