So it had never really dawned on me before but here in Okinawa I can get nearly all the ingredients to make a very amazing Paella. Paella and Okinawan food just seemed light years apart and there is certainly nothing similar in the Okinawan food catalogue.



So, I get a big lump of fatty pork, two filets of fresh tuna, some clams, some prawns, some sausages that do a reasonable impersonation of chorizo. My big worry was the rice. Would Japanese sticky rice work as a replacement for Barcelona style round rice?


Pork and sausage and super cool Orion to assist the creative process.


Onions, garlic, olive oil.


Now with tuna and fish stock


I add the rice.

I have washed the rice most assiduously to remove excess stickiness. I then go for an evening sail, leaving the rice to absorb on a very low heat.

When I get back, I add the prawns and clams and some green peppers.



I am very pleased with the outcome, especially with the texture of the rice.  Of course I made far too much but how can you cook paella for one? I will eat it for the rest of the week.

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3 Responses to Paella

  1. James Calder says:

    looks like sum good eatings

  2. calderi says:

    Looks very good, but you are aware of what Spaniards think of adding chorizo?

    Chorizo in paella? Go back to cooking school Jamie Oliver – The … › jamie-oliver-me…
    Seems crazy to me, I find chorizo is good in porridge too.

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