All Around My Hat

I get one of the tantalizing, “We tried to deliver something extremely wonderful to you but you were not at home” messages in my mail box. I immediately phone the English speaking service and drone, ” Please be so kind as to bring my wonderful thing to my house soon after 7:00 oneigaishimasu.”


At 7:06 my package is delivered by smiling postman who gives impression of enjoying his job. Click on the photo and check out the escutcheons that lie above the MUSTO logo. These means that the Queen of England has worn this hat


God bless my brother Ian, who rightly  has concerns for my health as I tend to get over-excited and rush out on my boat with no hat. He has sent me the Queen’s hat from England. This is such a great gift as I cannot buy a hat in Okinawa that fits my huge head that has been swollen by vainglory. Due to England’s history, many there have swollen heads and thus is the ideal place to find a sailing hat for the likes of me.


After hat delivery I go watch the sunset.


Same old stuff


No wind


Thanks Ian. It fits! Even the name is Japanese.

This hat will probably save my life. Yay!

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4 Responses to All Around My Hat

  1. Mike Taylor says:


  2. calderi says:

    Combine the hat with plenty of Factor 50, and keep well clear of the US 7th Fleet — you should be fine.

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