From an Antique Land

Cashmore continues his Asian tour by playing a couple of gigs at OIST. These straddle a weekend and another Japanese National holiday. We have time to frolic.

IMG_3809 (1).jpg

Conditions were much worse than they look

After a very dramatic sail with much potential drowning,


Noda san comforts Roger.

We console ourselves at the best restaurant in the world.


We eat amuse gueles, octopus, sashimi, fish, mozuku, seaweed tempura and guzzle Orion. This is Roger’s fish. Everyone should eat here.

Saturday too windy for boating, alas.  We clean the beach.




We buy Octopus for dinner party.

Very pagan dinner with Octopus, whelks and scorched lamb.


It is a good life. Tim, Mary, Marianela, Gordon, David, Roger.

Birdwatching  replaced sailing.


Little Ringed Plover. (Credit Cashmore)


Greenshanks. (Credit Cashmore)


Uber rare Whiskered Tern

On Monday, we went hunting the rail. The Okinawan Rail is one of the world’ rarest birds as it only lives in a small area of northern Okinawa. There are only 217.75 left.


From a previous excursion

We scoured the places where I have previously spotted the Yanbaru Kuina, Okinawan for Okinawan Rail, don’t you know, without success. Just as it is getting too dark to see, Roger howls. I dread he has had a stroke, but no,  he has seen the rail thus  gaining entrance into one of the most exclusive clubs.


Rail hunting in Yanbaru.

Lots of fun.

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4 Responses to From an Antique Land

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Viva La Vida

  2. Alexander McGillivray says:

    The selfie troubles me. I fear you may be morphing into a single person.

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