The Chisholm Trail

An important support in my ‘Norfolk Gypsy sails the Ryukyus’ fantasy is a boat trailer. I need a trailer for the boat to sit on. I have failed for the last six months to find anything better than a wheel barrow. I have even started a process to have one hand made, or made by hand if you prefer, which would cost me thousands of dollars.

Today  early in the morning, I spot a beautiful new trailer that appears to be the rightsize-ish, in the yard in front of my old sidekick Chinen san’s personal version of Xanadu. Chinen san lives much as I aspire to live later in life. The two rooms that make up the bottom floor of his house are littered with outboard engine detritus. One room also serves as an office. His desk is covered in Awamori bottles, propellers, boxes of split pins and spare parts catalogues. Everything is covered in oil. I dread to think what is upstairs.


Arisa about to plug her ears to dampen the roar of the Tophatsu, back in 2014. Chinen san in his element.

Anyway Chinen san says that the beautiful trailer is not for sale but is to replace an existing trailer on which a boat is currently positioned. Why don’t I take that one when the time comes to change?  “Where?!” I cry.  ” Why nearby.” cries Chinen san.


I get no kick from cocaine


Mere alcohol does not thrill me at all.


But I get a kick out of you!

“How much?!”  ” San man en.”     This is about 300 bucks.


It felt like this. Chinen san on the left.

“Here is your  trailer.” said the Archangel Gabriel, known as Chinen san in these parts.


Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

I will have to tune her up with new tires, current ones are filled with concrete, which is an old Okinawan tradition to stop tires going flat. I will also install a winch.


Like this one

All of this happened early this morning. The whole transaction took 10 minutes. Luck has been a constant throughout my life.


Later Hitomi brought her beautiful son, Koki, to see us


Hitomi has been at OIST as long as I have. Congratulations Hitomi! Yay Koki!

A joyful day reaches conclusion as I hear the thunder of the delivery man’s hoofs, or hooves if you prefer, coming on down the trail.  He hurls a box at me as his uncontrolled wagon races down Route 6 at 8:00 pm. Yay the lamb has come through. The winter is assured.

DSC_4419 (1).jpg

Eat me!

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1 Response to The Chisholm Trail

  1. calderi says:

    Looks good. Listen to today’s “Life Scientific” R4. Amazing Bullfinches.

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