Goodbye to All That

I do not think that I have mentioned that I will retire as of December 31. This has advantages and disadvantages. I think the most tragic repercussion is that I will never fly Business class on ANA again. I am currently in Narita waiting for the flight to Okinawa basking on the beach of happiness and joy having just flown over from San Francisco.


Amuse gueules





I read the amazing “Love of Country”.

IMG_1616 2.jpg

Read this


Not very japanese but very welcome.

I finish the meal and lay ANA futon on my bed and sleep for 8 hours.

I wake up just in time for more food.


My last good meal on an airplane

Bye bye to all that and thanks ANA.

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6 Responses to Goodbye to All That

  1. Alexander McGillivray says:

    Glad you enjoyed Madeleine. I have her address and intend to stalk her.

  2. Alan says:

    Bombshell time indeed! Less fancy food but more fun ahead.
    Love of Country was great – currently reading The Way it Was by Catherine Czerkawska, a history of Cara and Gigha, people and places. I’ll send you a copy if I can find one.

  3. calderi says:

    Well done, a necessary step. I will try the book, but sounds a bit softy – did you read “His Bloody Project”, with a very fine Minister?

  4. Bloody Project was wonderful family reading. However I did not quite understand if our hero mutilated the girl’s er you know, or not.

  5. calderi says:

    I fear he did. Was “the balance of his mind” disturbed in a way that diminishes his guilt ? The seaweed business was bad, bad.

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