I Boiled My Jeans

I have spoken before of the temperature limited nature of Japanese washing machines. Essentially they only cold wash, which I am sure is a very good thing. That said, I worry about my jeans. I mean they soak up all kinds of filth that simply cannot be dislodged by gentle rinceing in cold water.

Today I boil my jeans.


I wonder if a Le Creuset casserole has ever done this before.

My biggest pot is a Le Creuset casserole that I have had for decades. It is far too small for the job.

I gently boil my jeans until they are al dente.


Color of some of water that drains off.

I feel I have done a good thing. Must go and buy a big pot for properly boiling jeans and stuff.


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2 Responses to I Boiled My Jeans

  1. Alan says:

    Reminds me of the olden days when girls would lie in a bath filled with water as hot as they could stand to shrink their jeans onto their bodies – pre-shrunk jeans spoilt so much fun.
    How about a pipe from your hot water supply to your washing machine? Posts from other expats puzzled like you make this the top tip. Apparently lots of Japanese machines weigh your clothes before taking water in so it’s important to let the machine decide on the weight and hence the amount of water needed before you put the hot water in. Running the pipe directly to the water intake of the washing machine would be the best solution. Sounds safer than boiling your clothes up on the top of the stove.and probably more effective.

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