No Risk, No Fun

So I have doubtless done a very stupid thing but, as I have probably mentioned before, no risk, no fun.  The safe option, the trip carefully planned, the ferry booked in advance,  leads to each adventure being reduced to frantically trying to join up pre-established dots. No fun in that.  Mike Tyson had it right about planning. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Actually, I am getting a little off subject here. Yesterday I went to Miyako Jima and bought a wreck. I aim to restore her to something like her former glory but who knows this may be a good daydream but an excruciating reality


The start of a long and doubtless stormy relationship

It is pouring with rain in Miyako. Taguchi san, the owner, and I look at the boat in a disconsolate way, both of us understanding the depth of human folly. The rain and overall dreichness is the perfect setting.  We have to wait for the wonderful Samae san who has agreed to interpret. Eventually the rain is so strong that we go and sit in Taguchi san’s car. I have a very strong Scottish flashback; sitting in drenched wool, in old car on desolate harbor side, waiting for the rain to stop.

IMG_3904 (1).jpg

Saemi san. The rain has eased.

Anyway we all go to have Soba.


Soba makes everything OK

There are many difficulties ahead. I have to arrange transportation to Okinawa, install the boat at a marina, find people who can fix the motor, the electrics, get new sails, all in Japanese.  This should keep me busy.


Taguchi san drives a hard bargain.

After the business part, Saemi san takes me for a short drive around Miyako in the driving rain.


Miyako Jima is big on bridges


I like bridges


This is what I plan but fully expect a punch in the mouth

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6 Responses to No Risk, No Fun

  1. calderi says:

    Looks like a fine project. Is the bottom coated with that copper epoxy stuff?

  2. calderi says:

    No, no worries – just wondered whether it was –

  3. Lew Davidson says:

    The completed project should be beautiful and a lot of fun! Even the restoration should be [mostly] fun. What is the manufacturer’s name and the boat’s length? Does your Scaffie know?

  4. Lew Davidson says:

    Neil- Thanks for the link. The Norfolk range of boats is certainly beautiful and first class in design and build. Also, the builder chose some great model names; I especially like the name “Urchin.” My congratulations on a fine choice and best wishes for a speedy renovation and lots of grand sailing adventures in the years ahead! I am also sure your Scaffie will continue to enjoy the waters around Okinawa, although she will miss your hearty ballad singing.

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