Things start to get serious. I have to get rid of lots of junk that has been gathering around the house or  rotting on the deck. Okinawa is not kind to stuff. Everything rots and corrodes at very high speed.

Luckily I have the truckette, which I load up with rotten tables and chairs, old BBQs, and a chest of drawers that I bought in Bedford in 1976. Sorry to say sayonara because I spent hours stripping paint off it, 40 years ago. Stripped pine was very fashionable in those days.

IMG_3910 (1).jpg

Tsuha san helps

The chest of drawers then went to Switzerland, France, California, back to France and finally Okinawa. Okinawa did for her. The humidity and heat warped the frame and the drawers such that it became very difficult to pull them out. This I found very annoying so she had to go. After 40 years I just chucked her out. Is this a good or a bad thing?


One of Okinawa’s attractions.

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1 Response to Junket

  1. Alan says:

    Farewell pine chest of drawers – I remember you well. Bedford is in mourning for one of its own.

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