Then the Tuckets, Then the Trumpets, Then the Cannon, and She Comes

So, dear reader, the nature of this blog is about to change. The large part of the content will now be devoted to a restoration project on a 1992 Norfolk Gypsy, which Naoko named Kanusha because it does not mean anything.

Some will remember that in July 2016, I visited the beautiful island of Miyako to look at a Norfolk Gypsy that had miraculously found its way there from the dreary, er to some, coast of Norfolk.

To have any chance of restoring her from her sad state, a few factors were imperative; permanent residence status in Japan – check; lots of time –check; I have retired.

However there are many ditches, slaps and stiles between Miyako and Okinawa. I mean, find someone to load her and all her designer luggage onto a truck in Miyako, organize ferry to Naha, then truck up to Ginowan Marina. In my diminished state, burnt out from 40 years on the treadmill, this is a daunting prospect.

Well, on the 30th of December 2017, she arrives at Ginowan Marina on the back of a truck. This appears miraculous. It must have something to do with the proximity date-wise to the birth of sweet baby Jesus.


It’s a bit like getting married.

Luckily she fits onto the trailer. There is much adjustment to get her perfectly placed and leveled. I sort of circle as the harbormaster, of whom more later, and the truck driver give a performance of great skill and delicacy.


Tight fit.

There is a moment of drama as the centre plate is a bit lowered and so the boat cannot sit on the trailer. The weight of the boat will certainly push the plate up but if taken askance it could also bend, snap or generally deform the center plate.


Protruding center plate.

I shout, “ Go, go!” The crane lowers and the center plate rises into its slot.

We chock, wedge, jack and there she is extant in Ginowan. Wow!


Chapter One




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