The Thinking Sailor’s Sea Journal

During my self isolation in Tokyo in January, I scribbled, well on a computer, a brief history of the restoration of my Norfolk Gypsy. You can follow the whole story in detail on this blog starting around here.

The Marine Quarterly is a very prestigious nautical journal emanating from the UK. It is by subscription only. There is a website but they do not post the articles.

I sent my scribble, on a computer, to them and to my surprise the editor, very learned Sam Llewellyn, said he would publish it.

It is a marvelous publication. It eschews glossy photographs, flash headlines, advertising. It relies on knowledgeable contributors, good writing and excellent line drawings. Anyone with any interest in things nautical should subscribe.

Subscribe now. It is the only way you will get to read my article!

Time to thank all the many people who helped me during the resurrection of my Norfolk Gypsy. There are too many to mention individually but a special shout out to Natori Kaoru san. Natori san spent a lot of time researching the early life of the boat after she arrived in Japan in 1992. Thanks Natori san!

Such fun!

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2 Responses to The Thinking Sailor’s Sea Journal

  1. timzonnablog says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations Neil – you have such a nice way with words.

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