Pitter, Patter.

It is the rainy season and suitably it has been raining all day. Nothing dramatic but steady rain. I set off to renew the contract for my little rental car.

Everything goes bananas!

Huge thunderstorm and unimaginably hard rain. The trip to the rental place was terrifying. Despite the best efforts of the windscreen wipers, visibility was very bad. The drains could not cope with the volume of rain and lakes formed in the road. As you crash into these lakes, spray shoots out everywhere and the tiny car squiggles and shakes. I am very frightened.

I think am I am still a bit traumatized by the smash I had last year in similar conditions.https://thequietripple.com/2020/06/01/double-whammy/

I get to the rental place and park on the side of the road. Big mistake. The rainwater flows from the apex of the road towards the curbs, forming deep pools. Each time a car goes by it hits the pool and shoots out hundreds of liters of water over my car. The worst are trucks. They completely overwhelm my little car with water as they smash through the pool. It rocks and lurches.The noise is shocking. My nerves are shot. I tremble.

I finally manage to reverse off the road into the tiny parking space of the rental place where I pant. I wonder how I would have dealt with this situation when I was 20. Probably would have been in no way concerned.

This video was taken when the worst was over.

Anyway, yesterday was nice with remarkable clouds.

I also saw lots of birds on a trip up to the Kin paddy fields. Whiskered Terns that I was unable to photograph but here is a nice Heron.

Spot Cattle Egrets in Summer plumage. Not a very good photo.

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