Only One!

Boating fun has been eliminated over the the last 3 weeks because my starter motor busted again. However great glee as Kiyuna san has fixed it. In fact he has installed a new one.

Thunka thunk. Notice how smooth she becomes when I throttle up.

The weather has been dreadful anyway so there was no great mischief in not being able to go out because of the starter motor. Mold and mildew form all over the boat during the rainy season. Next job is a thorough clean.

The gracious Karen Wallace sends me some extra copies of Marine Quarterly. I give one to Kiyuna san. He is pleased but asks, “Did you mention my teeth?” I read him the part where I say that he is very distinguished despite only having 2 teeth. He groans and I am afraid I have offended him.

“This is a bad magazine.”


“It says I have two teeth but I only have one!”

He has lost half his teeth since I wrote the article.

I hope the rainy season will finally blow away and I can get on with boating adventures.

Lunch in Itoman fish market is always the best. Eel rice bowl with scallop, shrimp, snapper, parrot fish sashimi, with a couple of oysters. This is not a fancy restaurant; look at the asphalt and crummy table. That is what I like. Best seafood in the world without pretension. It is also ludicrously cheap, which always appeals.

Nice Orchids
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3 Responses to Only One!

  1. Alan says:

    Great to hear that you’ve got a new, and probably reliable, starter motor! You might survive a voyage after all. Love the Kiyuna san tooth story. That seafood looks really yummy – I salivate at the thought. The food looks lovely but no mention of the young lady sharing the meal? The new starter motor, Kiyuna san and the orchids get a mention but she’s anonymous. Looks as though the Okinawan covid restrictions are pretty lax again – almost as lax as Wembley and the Euros will be here – how are things going?

    • Hi Alan, Things have never been too restrictive here but we are in a state of emergency as there has been a big spike in cases over the last month, more cases than ever before. Not much socializing as social even are restricted to 4 people and can last no more than 2 hours. Restaurants and Isakaya that serve alcohol are closed. Big bad news for Japan! The lady will remain a mystery!
      Kiyuna san is a scream
      Stay well

  2. Alan says:

    Kiyuna san is a real find – maybe he should write his life story or you could do a biog?
    Mystery woman, eh? Keep the readers eager for the next installment!

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