You will remember my beautiful byobu. Well, when I asked, at the celebration party, what variety of flower was depicted on the screen, this was the reaction.

Calder says he has never seen Barringtonia racemosa

Well, the reaction was not quite as strong but the company was surprised that, after more than a decade in Okinawa, I had not heard of these amazing blossoms nor seen them.

Spot the blossom

Barringtonia racemosa is an amazing tree. It only blooms at night and each flowerlet drops off come the morning. The very learned Izumi sensei offers to guide me to trees she knows of on campus.

It is night.

Difficult to photograph, as it is windy and the trails of flowers are swaying around. It is dark.

Ichiro san uses tiny flakes of gold on the painting to represent the yellow bits.
lick on the photo and you will find gold!
So exotic
They do not grow in Scotland

Thanks so much Izumi sensei, it was so much fun! The flowers were extraordinary and I have filled in a gaping hole in the tapestry of my Okinawa experience.

When in Nagano last month we drank cider. Ice cold, very dry cider is so delicious and refreshing. I searched and searched on my return but could only find sweet, slightly sickening cider. I turn to the oracle – Hanada san.

Can she find me dry Nagano cider? Of course she can and the next time I visit there is a row of the best ciders from Nagano waiting for me!

She is a star!

Hooray! Once this state of emergency is over, July 11 apparently, I will have a big dinner to celebrate. We will eat soba washed down with excellent sake and cider from Nagano!

Can’t wait.

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1 Response to Cider

  1. Alan says:

    Beautiful flowers – tricky behaviour on their part. Great to see Bateman again – takes me back to long hours spent in the school library where they had huge volumes of every Punch magazine ever published.

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