This is the name of my favorite shop, clearly named after Sir Walter Scott’s famous novel. Well actually the Japanese pronounce and spell it Ivano but these sort of small alterations from English to Japanese are common.

Not auspicious from the outside but inside it is a cornucopia.

I suppose Ivano specializes in meat. You can get everything from pigeon to alligator if you so choose but I usually get no further than their amazing lamb chops. They stock everything that the exile craves for, double cream, saucisson, olives, chorizo, cheeses, pancetta, etc. etc. I do not have much money left but I fully intend to spend most of it here.

Harvest Moon

It is now October and after a couple of cooler days the temperature has gone back to the 30’s.


I organize a vernissage for Kikuta san’s amazing art. This has been very difficult. Getting all the people together at the same time is so difficult but finally the date is fixed. Even so two of the elect have to drop out at the last moment. Notwithstanding we have a colossal evening.


Most of the food comes from Ivano, except the fish, octopus and shrimp that comes from the water. The wines come from Hanada san’s extraordinary wine shop. The outstanding company comes from all over, well actually from Japan and the U.K.

Mexican coctel – shrimp, octopus, fish, tomato, onion, lots of avocado filled up wit clamato clam juice. It is served very cold.
The standard foie gras with lentilles au lardons.
Lamb chops and asparagus

It is a long delightful dinner that we finish off with grapes from Tomomi san and cakes from Hoppepan. After a lot of wine, we cleanse ourselves with tea made from the Getto plant, Alpinia zerumbet, by esteemed Izumi sensei.

We drink more nostalgic wines from the Jura.

Very good
La vie moderne
La vie moderne japonaise

Kikuta san’s works are totally vernissaged.

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4 Responses to Ivanhoe

  1. calderi says:

    I have learnt a new word – thank you

  2. calderi says:

    I will now – such a shame, I had an opportunity to use it just last year.

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