Just a reminder that this blog is a diary. The entries have no value other than me being able to remember what I did. I have been diarying now for about 10 years and I only wish I had started sooner. My life before 10 years ago is a blur.

This is to explain the very random nature of this post, which has neither plot nor character but will be fun to read in 10 years time.

I have mentioned that I have struck up a deep friendship with Hanada san who runs a tiny but fascinating wine shop nearby. She speaks little English but also a little French and we get on famously. She will find me any wine I care to drink. I have been drinking excellent wines from the Jura recently.

Bad photo. My hand shakes.

I have of course been sailing a lot. I struggle with the mainsail. I think it is well set with taught halyards but once confronted with the enemy there is always a crease running down the sail from the throat to the clew. More study needed.

I replace the jib sheet with new but cheap rope, which will certainly do the job. The incumbent sheet must be 25 years old.

Flemish flake

My local bakery Hottepan opens at 8:00, which is rare in Okinawa, shops usually open later. This means I can stumble up there, buy amazing croissants and stuff and come home for breakfast.

Breakfast. The brioche thing comes with a slab of butter.

My flute does not work. It has been increasingly difficult to get a strong sound and now some notes have disappeared. I have been here before many times and all indications point to leaking pads on some of the keys. What chance of getting a early 19th century English flute fixed in in Okinawa? Well it turns out to be a 100% chance.

He understands
This is where to go

I go to Docomo because my 1 Gbs internet is not working properly. The charming Anna san gives me collector’s item Docomo toilet paper to make me feel better.

Can you be angry with someone like this?

So there we go, life meanders on.

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7 Responses to Winds

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    Every moment an utter delight!…thank you for sharing such happiness!!!

  2. calderi says:

    Good wine shop –

    They cross in pain
    Who sober take the Stygian ferry

    Peak halyard too tight?

    • Thanks for the article, food for thought. I had a long sail up the coast yesterday Ginowan to Cape Maeda. The sail was perfectly set with no creases. I don’t know why. We bowled along on a broad reach at a steady 5 knots, er going there, coming back slower. Wonderful.
      Just back from a sunset sail which was also excellent but the crease is back. I think it will be a question of lots of experience in raising the mainsail.

  3. Anne Mieke says:

    I’m enjoying your ripples Neil.
    And lovely to “see” you again.
    Big hug from Holland 😘

    • Mieke! How wonderful to hear from you. Hope you and yours are doing super well. As you can see, I am taking life easy in Okinawa. It is a wonderful place. I also spend time in San Francisco but Covid has ruled out going back for some time I think.
      They were happy days during Symmetry time.
      Lots of love

    • Me again, I should have said Interactions days of course! Are you still doing web stuff?

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