Dear Diary

Life trundles on with a general aimlessness due principally to the Covid virus, which makes planning and big stuff impossible. I rather like it. I do a lot of sailing .

South winds, two trips

When I am not sailing I just hang around and enjoy my new place and living in Ginowan.

I love my water cooler

The water cooler is wonderful. I drink lots and lots of ice cold water, which has to be good for me. The hot water is very near boiling and is perfect for pots of tea and shaving water.

I have been eating a lot of nigiri. So good in hot weather.

I have mentioned the Hoppepan bakery that is just a short stumble away. It really is excellent. They do a few classics like croissants but the majority of their buns, cakes, rolls are their own original creations. As I write, I am eating a bun stuffed with walnuts.

Lots of seaffood and pork buns.
Cakey stuff
More seafood.

Fresh air and food.

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2 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. Rachel Claus says:

    how sweet it is! (good on you)

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