Generally bumbling along.

The leather protection on the gaff jaws is now very dry and worn.

I think this needs to be replaced.

I drench the leather with lanolin. I love lanolin. It comes from sheep fleece and is very greasy – very good on boils.

Lots of Amazon stuff to track this down. Japan not big on lanolin.

It looks like the rainy season is finally over and we celebrate with a dinner. Just 4 of us so as to be Covid rules compliant. Best fun. We eat charcuterie, sautéed foie gras with delicious pickled cucumber salad, steak with coleslaw and finally fruit. We wash this down with lots of ice cold Nagano cider and a bottle of Californian Zinfandel with the steak.

I get peony Ikebana. Here on the wooden chest
Here on the canteen.

The weather is beautiful. I sail.

Summer Yanmar

I bump into one tooth Kiyuna san. ” I have bought a new boat! Let’s have coffee.”

The Maria!

I actually think he was given the boat. The engines do not work. To Kiyuna san this is a no worries situation. He makes coffee and we tell jokes.

One spoon or two?

I will have two implants er implanted into my jaw on Friday. I tell Kiyuna san and also the exorbitant price. ” Neil san, you could buy a boat for that money! You could name her “Implants”!

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4 Responses to Implants

  1. calderi says:

    Interesting way the boats are tied up out there. I mean it seems to be OK to hitch onto the boat next door. Not really done here, not sure if there is any reason for that – I will enquire. I am in Cowes for the Classic Yacht regatta, people speak of little else than the MQ

  2. calderi says:

    All interested in the mooring system – maybe a local practice to keep the boats off the pontoon during typhoons?? Puzzled how it works. When you go out, you drop their lines off – but how do you put them back on when you come back? Assuming they are not there.

    • Yes most boats are tied to each other. I believe it is to get as many anchor points during very high wind. The boat next door has lines going from the stern to a cleat on my pontoon and another which goes to a cleat on my stern. When I go out I undo all and heave them onto the other boat. Coming in I snatch them with the boat hook and reset them. A bit tedious but everyone does it.
      Glad to hear that MQ article has gone viral.

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