Where the Scatter’d Waters Rave

In fact the weather has been perfect for sailing. Mild south westerly breezes, blue sea, blue sky, bright sun.

We go out to watch the sun go down, an extraordinary experience.

Good boat
A life on the ocean wave.
iPhones have amazing cameras.

This morning I am up early to go to clean up the boat, which we had left in a mess last night. No sail cover, sails badly furled, rope all over the place because we were too elated to do mundane stuff and anyway it was dark.

Such a beautiful morning so, I take the boat out. Off we go for a couple of miles then turn around and come back. Only sailing for 90 mins or so but I have forgotten the intensity of the Okinawa sun and my forearms are now beetrootish.

Here is a completely unedited film of this mornings sail. I have forgotten how to use iMovie. Sorry.

I wish I could remember how to use iMovie. You get the idea any way. Hi res fullscreen

Happy days are here again.

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