As you know, my teeth are dropping out at a truly alarming rate. What to do to retain any self esteem? Dentures are old-making, bridge apparently not mechanically appropriate in my case. This leaves implants.

An implant is a titanium bolt that is screwed into your jaw bone onto which a crown can be anchored. My friend and long time dentist, Mori Sensei, seems reluctant to do implants. I am do not want to get more dentures. What do dentures do for your sex appeal?

Arisa san points me towards Kinjo sensei’s clinic. It is a very swish place and English speaking. After initial consultation we determine on two implants. Today we do it.

Sun blasted face prior to the action.
Okinawan dental nurses are the best in the world.

This a proper operation with surgical masks and robes. Kinjo sensei first slices through my gum, which he retracts to either side of the jaw bone. He then does all sorts of stuff until finally drilling deep holes into the jaw. I did not know what was going on at the time but he explained it to me later.

The operation took 3 hours on a scalding hot Okinawa afternoon. Not that I could see much as a surgical drape, only exposing my mouth, had been placed over my face throughout.

There is no pain but strange noise, pressure and imagination. I can understand that this intervention could be distressing to some. I keep calm by selecting the Lions team in South Africa.


Van de Merve












Cowan Dickie


Apologies to non Rugby people.

3 hours later it is done.

Yay so be it!
Kinjo sensei, he knows what he is doing.
That’s me!

Many, many, thanks to Kinjo sensei and his staff. This story will continue. I’ll be back.

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