Fiddler on the Roof

It is very gratifying to have an occupation where the rewards are so obvious. After decades of generally promoting stuff with little feedback on whether my efforts were having any significant effect, now I take a paint brush dosed in varnish, smear it on a chunk of wood and the reward is instantaneous. Job satisfaction.


Cabin beginning to look good.

Sundays are very sociable at the marina. Today Ichikawa san, an OIST colleague and very fine sailor passes by. He then invites Sato san, who is a professional rigger, over to the boat. He comes with a crowd and we spend happy time examining  Kanusha in great detail.  A lot of time is spent discussing where to find a second hand Yanmar 1 GM. I have allies.


Thunder Box

I have spent the week sanding, treating, and now varnishing. As I have mentioned the satisfaction is immediate. What was dry and dirty now shines. The cabin is coming along very well. Today, between social calls, I paint the roof of the cabin.




Spot the difference.


I did this


Very smart

By the way, Neil Thompson Boats  who build Norfolk Gypsies, have been very responsive and helpful. Thank you. Buy boats from them.

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