The suffix -ness denotes the quality or state of something, for example happiness. Well today I am in Skegness. As I mentioned in a previous post, the skag, or more commonly skeg, on Kanusha was much corroded. I took it to a local metal yard place and asked if they could make me a new one in stainless steel, Well actually the delightful Haruna san did most of the talking.  “No problem!” cry the happy metal workers. Anyway we go back today to pick it up.


Happy Haruna! Who wouldn’t be? How often do you get a brand new skeg?

I deeply regret not taking a photo of the exterior of the shop. It is total chaos.  The ground is strewn with every sort of metal thing you can imagine. There is no order, no pattern. Inside it is worse.


There are no workbenches. The guys, all of whom are as friendly as can be, squat on the floor to work.


New skegs for old. Note the chaos.

They have done a wonderful job and I treasure my new skeg.


This is the guy who did the job. He is standing beside a support he has built for a wave turbine.

As we talk on things metalwork, it turns out that they do a lot of work for OIST. In fact the guy who made my skeg is going to the Maldives next week to install an array of wave turbines with Shintake sensei.

I am so pleased that such an apparent shambles is contributing  to the forefront of sustainable energy research. It makes my skeg even more special.

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4 Responses to Skegness

  1. calderi says:

    Lovely job – how are your anodes?

    • Well I have had a couple of colonoscopies but I have been told that the hole in the skegg is there for fitting an anode. The people at Neil Thompson Boats have been very helpful and are able to supply anodes. Take a drive up to Norfolk and tell them what nice people they are. The lady of the house is called Richenda. Do you remember a daughter of the Quaker minister who lived a couple of houses down on Sale Hill, called Rachenda?

      • calderi says:

        Sadly, I do not remember Rachendra. And alas, travel to Norfolk is now risky for Lambethites – it being UKIP central. I hear that you have to confess that Dunkirk was the best film ever made and Boris Johnson is the Messiah before being allowed over the county line.

  2. I saw Dunkirk and was disappointed. It looked like there were a few stray soldiers wandering around. All of them could wait on one jetty. Needed more Ben Hurishness

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