So, the engine is a concern. My seafaring friends from Japan lift the engine cover and jerk backwards in horror. As you know the Japanese are typically inscrutable but even the most hardened seadog’s inscrutability is dented when they see my engine.



I have buddies,principally Ichikawa san, who in two days turn up 3 GM10s, er the engine that is in the boat. The plan is to remove my blighted Yanmar and replace with a better one.  I imagine that this will cost some money but my dreams of island travel are only possible with a very reliable engine, so I feel this is something I have to invest in.

Meantime I roll in skeg fun.


The new skeg is a perfect fit. I will cover in anti fouling before I finally fit with loads of silicon adhesive gunge.

Okinawa is remarkably short of marine chandlers. This is strange on an island where each time you turn your head to the left or to the right, you see a boat.

So be it, there is only one and you find it in Tomari.


I feel I could help them with marketing

I have ordered yacht varnish named Tropical Schooner.  What other varnish could I buy?

IMG_0123 (1).jpg

The lady who runs the place is typically Okinawan delightful. She always makes me a cup of coffee before we talk business.

So, I return to the boat and start the lengthy process of varnishing.  5 coats for everything.


First of five.

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