Frankly most of the work I have been doing has been cosmetic – cleaning, sanding, treating, painting, varnishing. The big boy things, for example, the skegg and the engine have been handled by people who know what they are doing.

Today I determine to open up the fuel tank and clean out inside sludge, supermarket chariots, old bikes etc.


This is the tank lid screwed down by lots of screws and sealant. Very dirty and rusty.

I persuade myself that it would be much better to soak all the potentially moving parts in WD 40 before trying to unscrew. I mean you would not want to snap copper fuel lines , er would you?  So I avoid doing big boy stuff for another day and get on with the usual.


A box full of cleats, fairleads, pulleys, and boxes of screws. All of these I will have to use I suppose.

IMG_0196 (1).jpg

I clamp on the hatch cover trim.


It is very cold.


I reinstall the lamps.


Where can I get glass bits for these lamps?

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5 Responses to Trivia

  1. David, not good at French says:

    I used to get glass bulbs for Victorian table lamps from Christopher Wray lighting in London. It may be difficult to find the right size.

    • Hi Dave,
      Happy 2018! Thanks for the lead. I will look them up. Are you still a working man?

      • David, not good at French says:

        No – finally retired. We live on the Essex coast and have a 12 ft dinghy which has a gaff rig. The bigger boat went when my business spluttered to a halt 6 years ago. You should join the “Old Gaffers Association” a merry lot much into sea shanties etc. – but also a mine of information on gaff rigged boats.

  2. Alan says:

    Have the lamps got a makers name and model name/number?
    The fuel tank is a bit concerning. Old metal tanks can become quite fragile if left empty for long periods – pinholes can appear. Perhaps replace it with a modern plastic variety – there seem to be a lot available over in Blighty.

  3. I opened the tank today and hooray it is plastic!

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