Cherry Blossom

Beautiful day at the end of cherry blossom time. Okinawan cherry trees are a different variety from the classic cherry trees of Tokyo.


Yay Kawazuzakura!


The Okinawan trees are named Kawazuzakura and the first to bloom in Japan, exploding in late January, early February. This morning I am out early on the top of a hill, looking through cherry blossom down to the blue, blue sea and the startling white of the waves breaking of the reef. I am unable to take a good photo. It is beyond photography.


The Japanese are very fond of cherry blossom, ye ken


Prince Charles drinks Cherry Brandy

And so down to the boatyard where I have a long chat with Sato san about the restoration. He is a very wise and experienced man so I give him a bottle of Islay Mist in the hope that he will like me.

I set to to clean the fuel tank. I unscrew 30 screws and slice through all the sealant with an Opinel that James gave a decade or so ago. I undo all the fuel lines, which submit very satisfactorily to the power of the spanner.


It takes a long time to take out the screws.


I lever off the lid.

To my surprise, the tank is full of diesel. I do not know why but I had assumed that it would be empty.



How to remove the diesel? I feel very pleased with myself when I realize I can bail out the fuel with an old water bottle and pour it in the jerry can that came with the boat.


Experimental set up.



It works very well.

I am elated. I have opened the tank and am now draining it all by myself. I had never imagined that there was more diesel in the tank than the jerry can could hold. This was however the case, which I realized when the funnel, which  was jammed in tightly,  shot out of the filler hole with a loud pop. I do not think I have been more surprised but manage not to shriek.


The diesel was full of muck and water.



I am very pleased with myself.

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