The Battle of the River Plate

The boat has a big slab of steel called the rudder plate. This can be lowered to give the rudder more depth, thus more purchase. It also acts as a mini center plate. At times, too complex to go into here, it is a good idea to raise the rudder plate and this is done by pulling on a thin rope that goes up inside the rudder and is cleated on the tiller.


My plate. Notice that there is no hole or any other method of connecting the rope to raise the plate.

Hmmm, how to connect the rope? I consult the excellent Neil Thompson Boats who make the Norfolk Gypsy  They send back detailed instruction with each step illustrated by photos. Thank you.

First I drill a hole in the top of the plate.


Green thing is a drill.

I then mix up some epoxy glue.




Nice colors

Next I drench the rope-end in glue and force it into the hole.


The rope goes right through the plate and just protrudes on the other side.


I then clamp, using some plastic so that the clamp does not get stuck to the plate.

Such fun. Of course I should really have sanded off all the old antifouling paint  and repainted with new before doing this. But you know how it is, all my life excitement has always got the better of me.

The boat has several non standard features. One I particularly like is the  cockpit cocktail table, which was in a terrible state but has responded well to care and attention.


This will come in very handy when anchored in beautiful remote cove  and you need somewhere to put your martini.

Extra joy as a tin of Brasso arrives in the post, sent by brother Alan.


Watch out brass work. Thanks Alan. Notice the weather.

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