Why I Like Japan

So, I have to print a document but do not have a printer. I do not want to buy a printer because I am very poor and you only use them once in a month of Sundays. Naoko tells me what to do. You go to a web site, establish an email and user name. Then you can upload the documents you want to print to this site. The site has an English version.


What you see when you upload a document.

You then go to your nearest Combini. Combini are an amazing Japanese tradition, they are stores that sell virtually everything and they stay open 24/7. The are all over the place and offer an incredible range of services, stamps, bill pay, hot meals, cold meals, of course as soon as you walk in all the staff look up and shout “Thank you for coming, welcome!” The big ones in Okinawa are Lawson and Family Mart.


Thank you Lawson

Anyway you go to the amazing printer device. Hit “English” and you are guided through the steps. There is a number associated with your upload that has been sent to you by email. This you enter, put in 20 yen per page and hit print. Whammo, here are your documents.  It is so easy.


The amazing device.

So maybe this service has been available in all countries for decades but it is new to me and I am very grateful.

I also have to pay my gas bill, which for some reason is not possible at the Combini. but they tell me that I can do so at the bank which is a block away.


Again this is all done by a machine. This time there are no English instructions so a delightful young woman comes and walks me through it. Such fun.

Look at this! A new apartment block beside my own.


During construction the building is wrapped in fabric that disguises its nature. Today it is unveiled,


Sunset tonight

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